The most used items in your home are your carpets and upholstery, suffering from day to day wear and tear which in time can make them look tired and not what they once were. The best way to bring it back to life is to get them cleaned by a professional.

My extensive cleaning process will guarantee your much loved sofa and upholstered furniture is cleaned to a high standard. In order to be safe for you and your family all my products are eco and pet friendly.

My cleaning process is completed on all areas of your sofa and armchairs being cleaned, backs, fronts, sides, corners, arms and of course the cushions. As you probably know from washing clothes at home, hot water cleans better than cold, it will break down and remove the natural oils trapped in your upholstery. This will be done using specially designed upholstery cleaning tools. This ensures the minimum amount of moisture is left on the upholstery fabric.

By introducing regular cleaning to your upholstery you are ensuring they will not only look good but will last longer.

upholstery cleaning York

General care tips

  • Protect your sofa and upholstery from the sun as UV rays can cause fading of the upholstery fabric.
  • Vacuum your sofa and armchairs regularly to remove dust and dirt that can cause soiling and damage upholstery fibres.
  • Rearranging cushions occasionally on your sofa and armchairs to ensure even wear of your cushions fabric and fillings.