render cleaning York

Render cleaning York

A newly rendered building looks great but unfortunately it doesn’t stay that way for long. This type of product is sold as maintenance free. However the reality is within a few years Algae, Black Mould & Red Mould often appears on the surface of the render making it look old and dirty.

The ever-changing weather in the UK encourages the build-up of organic matter such as algae, moss and lichens on rendered buildings in York. When grime, algae and other organic matter begins to take over the appearance of your building, it can have an impact on how your business or home is perceived by visitors, customers and employees.

render cleaning York

As well as these stains making a property look run down, it can reflect badly on the owner of the property. So, whether you have a business property or a house that is badly stained, getting the external render cleaned and brought back to its original conditional would reflect well on the owner.

With Business properties, the external look of a building reflects in either a good or a bad way on that business. Clients or customers arriving to a business that has dirty and stained walls are going to be given a bad first impression of that business. It would be well worth the cost of K-Rend cleaning to get the external walls of the property looking clean and well maintained. First impressions last.

Cleaning V’s Painting
Another solution to dealing with stained Render is to have all of the render painted over with a quality masonry paint. However, the downside to this is that it is a much more expensive solution and is unlike cleaning where sections can be cleaned. In addition, painting generally requires the whole building covering, because walls that are missed will look odd next to walls that have been freshly painted.

Render cleaning York and surrounding area

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